Delhi World Public School
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  • To be in the designated area at the first bell.
  • Lines to be formed immediately and no talking in groups.
  • Stand to attention during National Anthem.
  • Listen attentively to announcements, presentations etc.
  • Quick smart dispersal in proper lines to the respective classes.


  • No running around, yelling across the room or throwing things across.
  • No scribbling on the desks, walls, boards etc
  • To be respectful, courteous, and polite to classmates and teachers at all times.
  • Stand and greet staff members/guests who enter the classroom.
  • Do not leave the classrooms without permission. Inform the monitor or class teacher.
  • All litter is to be disposed off in the bin provided.
  • Fans and lights are to be switched off when leaving the room.
  • Bulletin boards to be well-maintained and updated regularly.
  • Move together in lines to labs, library and P.E.


  • Walk in lines at all times, quickly and smartly to the next class.
  • Take care of corridor bulletin boards.
  • Greet staff/guests in the hallways.


  • Keep classroom and corridors safe, clean and quiet. Do not spill drinks, food.
  • Orderly lines at the canteen. Dispose off litter correctly.
  • Return to classrooms at the first bell and be ready for the next class.
  • Do not enter other classrooms.


  • No valuables to be brought to school.
  • Mobiles, MP3 players, CDs. Books (outside prcscribed-syllabus), magazines etc are strictly forbidden.
  • School phones are available for contacting parents.
  • School bags should be neat, of a manageable size, well-maintained and must carry only the books required for the day specifically.


  • To school, at assembly and at every class is of utmost importance.
  • Regular attendance during the entire school year is of prime importance.


  • To be regular, up-to-date with work done on daily basis in.
  • Class work and homework to be diligently completed and handed in on time for correction.
  • Preparation for tests, assignments, examinations, competitions to be well planned and organized.
  • Notebooks must be neat and orderly. No unnecessary scribbling etc.
  • Staying back beyond school hours requires the requisite permission from parents, the concerned teacher’s supervisor.
  • Change of residence, phone numbers to be intimated to school authorities immediately (School Registrar / Class Teacher / Admin Officer).
  • Letter from the parent when absent (short/long) neat to be submitted.


  • Go directly to the examination room.
  • Sit quietly at a specific desk, read quietly, prepare for the exam.
  • All bags, books, etc. to be left outside of the classrooms in a neat line.
  • No unfair means to be resorted to. No marks will be awarded if unfair means is detected.
  • Be prepared with own set of pens, pencils, geometry boxes etc, no borrowing/lending is permitted.
  • Any doubt in question paper or otherwise is to be cleared with the invigilator on duty.
  • Talking to another student is strictly not permitted..


  • Disciplined behaviour at all the times.
  • Move in proper lines from classrooms to auditorium.
  • No talking during presentations/address by guest speakers/anyone else speaks.
  • Dispersal at the end should be in proper order with ultimate discipline.
  • Co-operation and courtesy to be shown to all at all time.


  • Inform the class teacher and supervisor immediately if any student is found in need of medical help.
  • Teacher on duty will supervise sending the student to the clinic.
  • Bus Driver to be informed if a student goes home with parents.


  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the libraries.
  • The general expectation is that all activities in the libraries will be conducted in a quiet manner to avoid disturbing other library users.
  • Furniture is placed for safety and maximum use of space. Do not move the furniture, including chairs in the conference rooms or computer labs.
  • Users are required to use library equipment for designated purposes only.


  • Courteous and polite to all.
  • Offers seats to all, makes room so all are seated comfortably.
  • Speak at acceptable noise level.
  • Strict action like a warning, suspension from the school for few days
  • Must use the assigned bus to travel to and from and same pick-up and drop-off point on daily basis.
  • No Eatables/Drinks allowed on the school bus.


  • To be worn smartly and neatly – well washed and ironed.
  • Socks shin length, shoes well-polished.
  • Hair neatly trimmed, no nail polish.
  • Tiny rings or studs in ears for girls. No multiple earrings. No nose and finger rings.


  • Classwork/Homework/ project not completed or submitted on time.
  • Text books/notebooks not brought as required.
  • Constant distraction or lack of concentration.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Bullying/Fighting/Swearing/Bunking classes or school.
  • Absence without leave note.
  • Fee defaulters.
  • Disobedience/ Misbehaviour.
  • Bringing unwanted literature/ equipment CD's / mobile phones to school.
  • Untidy turnout.
  • Bringing valuables and large amount of cash.