Delhi World Public School
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Student Behavior Policy



Delhi World Public Schools ensure that, at all times, there is an atmosphere and ethos that supports and encourages learning, based on respect for the individual.

Positive behaviour is at the heart of a learning centred school

  • every student has the right to be taught in environments that are safe, conducive to learning and free from disruption
  • every member of the staff has the right to work in an environment that supports and enables them to provide a positive learning experience to all students

Where students contribute to, and assist in creating and sustaining an ordered and supportive learning environment where they are recognized and their contribution celebrated within the school community.

Where individual or group behaviour that prevents learning in an ordered and supportive environment is challenged and appropriate action taken.


  • DWF Management is responsible for ensuring a clear Behaviour policy is in place in all Delhi World Public Schools
  • Principals are responsible for the implementation of the Behaviour policy and for using the guidelines provided to ensure that every member of the school community is aware of the expectations that exist and the procedures that will be followed to ensure there is a positive learning environment
  • School staff is responsible for ensuring the policy and procedures are followed in school.
  • Students are responsible for their personal conduct and for contributing to a positive school environment by maintaining order, self-discipline and consideration for the rights and property of others. Students Rights
  • Individual needs of the student within the limitations of the school.
  • Physical safety and protection of their property, including the right to reasonable school facilities.
  • Appropriate dialogue with teachers, counselors, administrators and other school personnel.
  • Protection from discrimination and harassment.

Students Responsibilities

Each student has the responsibility to:

  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Maintain neat and clean personal clothing and hygiene
  • Respect the property of others, including keeping all books, facilities and materials used in the school in good condition.
  • Refrain from fighting, disruptive behaviour, acting in such a manner as to risk injury to others, using threats or intimidation against others, theft, or any other unlawful activity.
  • Be prompt to school and classess.
  • Refrain from inappropriate classroom behaviour.
  • Learn to preserve and protect the environment in school.
  • Refrain from possession, use or transmission of any alcoholic beverage, tobacco product or drugs

Common ways of dealing with bullying, fighting or arrogance:

  • Talk to the students and counsel them.
  • Contact parents by telephone. Appraise, discuss and decide on a partnership strategy.
  • Assign responsibilities.
  • Give recognition on small achievements.
  • Listen to both the parties and get a written statement /apology as well.
  • Talk extensively on basic moral values/level of expected good behaviour at the assemblies or in class.
  • Enquire about the home atmosphere or family problems, if any.

Dealing with Bunking School/Classes

  • Class teachers are instructed to do random checks whenever a student is absent for 2 days or more.
  • Insist on leave note in diary in case of 1 or 2 days leave and official leave letter in case of long leave.
  • Contact parents in case of long leave without letter.
  • Check with driver/conductor, in case of doubtful cases, if they picked up the child from the stop.
  • If a student is caught, his/her parents are called and a warning/suspension letter is issued

Dealing with Other Problems

Wrong uniform

  • Inspection of uniform by class teacher/Coordinator
  • Finding out the reason for wrong uniform
  • Student advised to be in proper uniform
  • Inform parents
  • First warning and diary note

Wrong hair cut/hair colour

  • Advise to get the acceptable hair cut
  • Note in the diary and follow up
  • Given 3-4 days time to comply

Wearing accessories

  • First warn them and then confiscate the items and return only to the parent at the end of the term
  • Call Parents

Property damage

  • Personally go to the classroom investigate and inspect and then inform Administrative Officer
  • Inform the parents and then ask them to pay for the damage.

Scribbling on the desks

  • Counsel the student and follow up
  • Speak to class
  • Appoint monitors to be vigilant and inform the class teacher/Supervisor
  • If caught, make student clean the desk and write an apology note.

Stealing of notebooks, Geometry boxes, costly pens and pencils

  • Search the bags of students
  • Talk to students and parents
  • Counsel them

Children coming in late

  • Maintain record in diary
  • Parents are contacted if not convinced by student's statement
  • Inform/Call parents
  • Children who perpetually come late are made to miss a period or two
  • Warning given

Bringing Valuables and Cash / Unwanted CD's / Literature

  • Items confiscated
  • Parents informed and items returned to parents
  • Regular and surprise checks of school bags
  • Strict action like warning, suspension from the school for few days

Cheating in Examinations

  • For cheating in an examination student is awarded zero in that subject. Parent is called and child is counseled not to repeat it in future

Disciplinary Levels

Decision on the disciplinary action that will follow poor behaviour should be rational. Severe levels (5-6) shall be applied depending on the seriousness of the offence. For example if a student is absent without information for a day for the first time, you will apply level 1 and encourage the student to get a signed letter by parent. On the other hand, if a student injures another willfully, you may like to apply 4, 5 or 6

1Verbal Warning
2 Note in Student's diary by the Class Teacher and countersigned by Parents
3 Parent / Teacher / Counselor / Student meeting with Coordinator / Supervisor. Parents and Student apprised of consequences
4 Report to Principal for action. Suspension for a day
5 Suspension for three days
6 Expulsion