Delhi World Public School
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Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

DWF takes all reasonable steps to make sure that the buildings, equipment and materials are safe and do not put the health of persons at risk whilst they are on premises.

All Delhi World Public School employed staff makes sure that they carry out their duties safely without risking themselves and those they are working with. They also cooperate with others who have duties for health and safety by carrying out instructions and reporting unsafe practices.

There are clear procedures outlined to deal with any emergency that might arise and regular practice drills are held to ensure everyone is aware of what they should do in the event of an emergency situation.

Facilities are inspected annually to ensure that they conform to local H&S requirements. Any potential risk is reported, logged and acted upon.

All accidents and incidents that impact on H&S are reported and logged, with reports analyzed to determine if action should be taken to prevent recurrence.

Appropriately trained and qualified personnel, as determined by local requirements, are present in all facilities, to deal with medical & health related issues. At least one member of staff in each facility is designated as the H&S representative who 'champions* the cause of H&S throughout the premises. In addition, all staff receives basic training in H&S procedures & expectations relevant to their specific role.

All facilities have specific guidance and procedures in place to deal with H&S requirements in respect of where appropriate

  • Accidents and Incidents
  • Child protection
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Educational Visits
  • Evacuation & Fire
  • First Aid
  • Pupil Health
  • Risk Assessments
  • School Meals and Nutritional Standards
  • School Security
  • Training
  • Trespassers and access without permission
  • Electrical appliances

School Interior



  1. 1. Maintain School files and records in locked, vandal proof, fireproof containers or vaults
  2. Maintain an up-to-date inventory for all expendable school supplies
  3. Mark all school equipment, permanently, with an identification number
  4. Valuable items must be kept in secure storage during and after school.
  5. Keys and duplicates must be monitored through a control system.
  6. Apolicy for handling cash received at the school must be in place.
  7. Maintain a record of health permits
  8. Maintain a record of Fire Inspection by the local or state Fire Office
  9. Students must be restricted from entering the room alone if a classroom is vacant,
  10. Written regulations regarding access and control of school personnel using the building after school hours must be there
  11. Staff members who remain after school hours must sign in and out
  12. Adesignated person must perform security checks at the end of the day:
    • Check that all classrooms and offices are locked
    • Check all restrooms, locker rooms to ensure that no one is hiding there
    • Check all exterior entrances to ensure that they are locked
    • Check all night lights to ensure that they have been turned on
    • Check the alarm system to ensure that it is functioning properly
  13. Provide the telephone numbers of the Principal or other designated contact person(s) to the police departments so the police can make contact in the event of a suspicious or emergency situation
  14. School grounds must be monitored by security staff personnel after school hours
  15. Maintenance and/or testing of the entire security alarm system must be done regularly, at least every six months
  16. Bathroom walls must be free of graffiti
  17. Fire drills must be conducted regularly (guidelines given in the annexure)

Annexure (Fire Drill)

  • Ensure that there are enough fire extinguishers in critical areas. These should be in working order. Designated persons should be instructed on handling them.
  • Phones numbers of the fire brigade and police control room should be displayed in the front office (Reception) area

If you discover a fire

  • Immediately use the fire extinguisher and call the fire department.
  • If children are in the immediate area see that they are evacuated.
  • Do not throw water on an electrical fire.
  • Operate the fire alarm and use the P.A. system.
  • Leave the building as per the evacuation plan which must be displayed in all prominent areas.
  • Assemble in the open ground.
  • Class teacher will ensure that all students present in class are in the open area.
  • Admin officer and Security in charge will ensure that the building has been evacuated.
  • Principal / Head of school will oversee the checking of children at the open assembly point.
  • All administrative and academic heads will ensure that all children are accounted for.
  • For Mock emergency, evacuation drills must be carried out twice a year.